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To many who have followed the development of Beacon Hill, we often hear the sad words, “it might have been.” But to those who write off Beacon Hill, I say, “not so fast.”

Beacon Hill estates were built on 1,100 acres of reserve formerly belonging to the Arthur Godfrey estate, and the golf course opened in 2001. Each home was built on acreage ranging from one acre to eleven acres. Simply put, the lay of the land is so undulating, the scenic elevation of the entire reserve so dramatic, and the beauty and quality of the golf course so surreal, that Beacon Hill immediately established itself as the creme-de-la-creme estate community of Northern Virginia. There are 247 homes in Beacon Hill, most on estate lots.

Beacon Hill was a special place. It still is. It will be moreso, again.

Many dreams shatter. Others are deferred. Some are deferred for so long that you think they are shattered. For those who believe that things always look worst at the bottom, or that this dream is merely deferred, Beacon Hill provides incredible value for those with an eye to the future.

A summary of the recent situation at Beacon Hill follows:

The golf course is a Johnny Miller design, in a peerless setting. With estate homes perched far above its fairways, the visual effect is unmatched. Beacon Hill’s magnificent golf property was immediately renowned, winning national recognition for “best visual presentation”. However, finances quickly unraveled at the all-private club, high initiation fees disappeared into the proverbial black hole, new member initiatives were impossible to implement, and costly law suits followed. During this period, the golf course lay fallow, maintenance abruptly ceased, and the beauty of nature became an albatross of unkept grounds for residents of the proud estate homes.

After many years of dispute over what to do with the golf course land, the homeowners have finally gained control of the golf course. There are alternatives proposals for usage, but this property is set up for a refurbishing of the original course, which would vault property values and add to the ascetic value of Beacon Hill. It takes little imagination when viewing the homes and the grounds at Beacon Hill to visualize what once was, and what is likely to be again. For this reason, I rank the homes at Beacon Hill to be among the best values in the estate home category in Northern Virginia.

As an extra blow to Beacon Hill residents, the national housing decline took prices down further during the housing swoon, but prices are rebounding. There had been a malaise surrounding this proud community and its incomparable acreage; however,  enthusiasm is returning, and for good reason.

For those who value faith over fear, here is the needed glimmer of hope:

Beacon Hill homes are well-built estates, unmatched anywhere in Northern Virginia. Even without the golf course, these are gorgeous homes in an incomparable setting. At reduced price levels, there is value for the high end buyer, golf course or no golf course.

Beacon Hill is more convenient to D.C./Reston/Tysons than most developments and immediately adjacent to downtown Leesburg, yet it has to fight a perception that it is “much further out”. That may have been true a decade ago, when Route 7 was the only thoroughfare to Loudoun; however, the extended Dulles Toll Road, known as the Dulles Greenway, is virtually at Beacon Hill’s entrance. This allows quick entry to a high speed thoroughfare which puts you to the entrance of Reston Town Center from the front gate of Beacon Hill in 17 minutes.

Does anyone truly believe that one of the most beautiful golf venues in the world will be allowed to lay fallow forever? Despite all of the legal issues, questions about the economy, all the minute details of future ownership, one thing is obvious: the Beacon Hill property is a golf course. The terrain and surroundings allow for nothing else which would capture this value and maintain the community ambiance.

The above statements and opinions are NOT what you will hear from most of those who work and live in this area. There seems to be a natural tendency to lose faith over time per Beacon Hill, as we were getting bludgeoned by bad news or no news. But here is a fresh viewpoint from a fresh face in the neighborhood: the news has gotten as bad as it will get at Beacon Hill,  things are turning up,  and will continue to do so. The community will emerge from this pre-dawn darkness and is worth looking into for those seeking estate home value.

If you own a home in Beacon Hill and want to discuss this further, or if you want a realistic look at the value of your home, please call or email me. If you are a buyer seeking an estate home who wants to look at this underpublicized region, please do the same.

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