Bella Vista

Bella Vista Featured Properties

Bella Vista – Bella Vista is a 21- story high rise on Eads Street, boasting easy accessibilty to National Airport, two subway stops, and the emerging urban center of Crystal City.

Bella Vista is not as pedestrian friendly as some of the other buildings in Crystal City; by this, I mean that one does not go out the front door and immediately feel the pulse of the urban environment, and most restaurants are more than a short stroll away. Convenient, but not immediate convenience.

There are several penthouse homes in Bella Vista with spectacular views, and when offered for sale, can generally be purchased well below the price of comparable new units in other parts of town. This makes them an attractve alternative for those whose primary consideration is the view from inside the homes itself.

To understand how the Bella Vista might compare with other alternatives you are considering, please call or email me.

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