Benefits of working with the RayMax team

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  • You will receive a thorough property evaluation to ensure that your home is priced competitively against other homes in the neighborhood.
  • You will receive free advertising until your home is sold.
  • You will receive the benefits of professional photographers and state of the art video.
  • Your home will be featured on over 100 web sites, including all the major real estate online web sites.
  • You will benefit from my knowledge and status as a Zillow Premier Agent.
  • Your home will be aggressively marketed to the entire brokerage community, and teamwork is encouraged with all agents.
  • We do not simply want a listing: Our properties are known to be in exceptional showing condition, placing these homes at the top of the list of those buyers want to see in advance. If your home needs any renovations, updates, cleaning, painting, landscaping, or other preparation to improve its show condition, our Lifestyle Management partners are expert and will help.

I look forward to meeting with you face-to-face and discuss the advantages you will notice in listing with our team. After a thorough discussion and analysis with you, we will create an aggressive and individualized marketing program to sell your home as advantageously as possible.

I look forward to work closely with you and bringing qualified buyers to your home quickly.

Ray Wedell

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