Edge Water at Reston Town Center

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For quality and affordability near the Reston Town Center, you should consider Edge Water.

Like Oak Park, Edge Water was built approximately 30 years ago, before the major development of the Reston Town Center. It is located on the other side from Reston Hospital, a 1/2 mile walk to the center of town.

Edge Water is often identified by a large pond to the front of the development, giving it a serene feeling despite its more urban location. The grounds and homes are generally very well maintained, the sense of community pride is exceptionally high.edgewaterfrontsign

There are two basic styles of homes in Edge Water. The first are 3 story walk-ups which are among the best values for affordable housing in this area, many of them with water view. Many of these homes available in the $290,000 to $330,000 range. Given today’s low interest rates, first time home buyer incentives, and search for real value, these are excellent choices.Call or email me for any details.

EdgeWater also has 3-level town homes which provide a less-expensive alternative to the town homes at West Market. These two areas provide your only alternative for fee-simple, townhouse living (as opposed to condos) in the Reston Town Center. If you seek town house living close to the Reston Town Center, Edge Water may be a more affordable alternative.


I have developed deep and detailed price history for EdgeWater and other communities within the Reston Town Center, covering the last four years. Please call or email me for the details. If you are looking to sell your Edge Water home, I can provide an independent and intelligent analysis of your home. If you are seeking quality housing in the Reston Town Center at an affordable price, I welcome your calls. Please Call or email me for any details.

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