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Prospect House – The Prospect House was opened in 1965 and is truly a unique building in a fabulous location, built on a cliff behind the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington. There are many things the building does not have; however, the one thing it does have which cannot be duplicated is clear, unobstructed views of Washington, D.C. from a 13 foot tall wall of glass and the same view from a large, accompanying balcony. This one feature alone makes The Prospect House a special building in a special place.

Because of the unusual design of the units, the elevator only stops at every third floor. Units of interest are those on the higher floors, which are 2 bed rooms and 1,530 square feet. Once again, let me stress: these are included in this section only because the location and design provide premier views of Washington, D.C., probably unmatched in the area. They are NOT loaded with all of the modern conveniences and sprawling internal space that one would expect from a pure “penthouse” home. But once inside, a resident will be unaware of what floor he/she is on, merely that you are at a high elevation peering at the Nation’s Capital in all its splendor.

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