Reston Town Center


:DETAILED REPORTS FOR ALL RESTON TOWN CENTER COMMUNITIES NOW AVAILABLE!!!! Detailed Sales History for each community listed below for 2011 through 2013 are available. A written summary and projections for 2014 in the Reston Town Center, and in each of these individual communities, are also available. This is a report that you will not find from any other source.

Communities covered:


  • West Market’s Park Place
  • West Market’s Logan park
  • West Market’s Lincoln Park
  • West Market’s Madison Park
  • Mid Town Reston
  • The Paramount
  • Stratford House
  • Carlton Place
  • MidTown North
  • The Savoy
  • Market Street Condominiums
  • EdgeWater condominiums
  • EdgeWater town homes
  • Oak Park
  • Stratford Park Place
To receive a copy of each report, or the report of your choice, contact me at:     or    call 703-855-7299


UPDATE ON THE ABOVE UPDATE, JUNE 2013 — Changes in rental policy appear to be having the effect predicted in December, 2012. Prices for residential homes and condos in the Reston Town Center have been very strong the past few months, as predicted. The exception has been in buildings with recently enacted severe rental limitations, particularly on one bed room units. New investor buyers have been eliminated as a source of demand (in one bed room units, this is a major source).  Among those who seek to live in their units, they reject the idea that a few years down the road, should they need to move, they will not have the option to rent or sell, but will HAVE to sell into whatever market conditions exist at that time. These changes in rental policy have dictated more limited investment options for owners which were unanticipated earlier.

The Reston Town Center is the quintessential “new urban center” in the D.C. Metropolitan area. As the new downtown area for Reston, it has attracted businesses, quality restaurants, theater, retail shops, and people simply looking for the ambiance of well planned urban living.

The Reston Town Center is rich in housing which appeals to a wide variety of people. Whether you are looking to “downsize” from a larger home, experience urban condominium living close to everything, or simply be closer to work, the Reston Town Center may offer the best in quality and convenience.

Residents within the Reston Town Center zone live under the auspices of the Reston Town Center Association. Within this district are a myriad of housing alternatives,  the Reston Hospital, a community library, and all of the features of urban living.

The communities within the Reston Town Center are as follows:

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