BACKGROUND – As we roll into 2017, a number of owners of rental properties have inquired about the proper way to market and sell their homes. Having seen so many homes offered for sale in the past few months that are in rental status, I want to pass along some meaningful hints and ideas, should you be looking to sell your rental property in 2017.


Recurring observations:

  • Homes with renters currently residing within can often be problematic in a sale. It is highly unlikely that such homes, even if kept clean and neat, will show in a manner to extract top dollar. Furthermore, most rental homes do not show clean and neat, and some are in horrendous showing condition. If you intend to sell while tenants are in the home, every possible step to assure tidiness, cleanliness, and excellent appearance must be taken. Communication and cooperation from the tenant is crucial here. Call for details and ideas.
  • If showing a vacant , unfurnished home, the highest premium is attached to showing it in “like new condition”. Keep in mind that every carpet stain or paint scratch is magnified when a home is unfurnished. However, a home in pristine condition that is empty does give the potential buyer a great feel for being in “move in” condition. This often proves to be a more effective way to sell a home than one that is cluttered or even “staged” ineffectively.
  • Staging – Depending on the cost to the seller, some staging can be very effective in improving marketability. However, often a seller can use common sense and “stage” their home effectively without hiring a professional stager.


Tax Implications – In all cases in which complex tax matters may come into effect, contact an excellent tax attorney. This is particularly true in situations such as 1031 tax exchanges, which are common in our area.


If you are selling, please feel free to contact me – I specialize in selling homes in your area. I am a Reston Association Board member, a Board member at Rescue Reston, and in general, keep up with local trends. I also have exceptional marketing and sales skill.


As a Zillow Premier Agent in all Reston zip codes, I also touch more local buyers than others, and focus on selling in this area. And the total sales cost to you is 4 ½%, not 6%. We are now in 2017, and common sense have merged with technological change to make it a more realistic and fair means of selling homes. It is literally NOT true that “you get what you pay for” in terms of real estate commissions charged to you. In 2017, you deserve the highest quality service and marketing without paying a previous century’s “standard fee.”


Please contact me for any further information.


Thank you.


Ray Wedell, Zillow Premier Agent

Samson Properties

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA


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