There has been some┬ádiscussion recently about the changes in the process for buying and selling homes that might lead people to believe they should “go it alone” and not use a Realtor as Buyer Agent. Quite frankly, a crazy idea.


Here is why:


  1. The seller pays the real estate commission anyway, and if you think you will lower the price of the home by finding the direct Listing agent and “working directly with the listing agent,” don’t kid yourself. The Listing Agent will still take a piece of the Buyers side commission (if not all of it), and his/her loyalty is totally with the seller.
  2. The internet is not entirely accurate. Outdated comps, conflicting forecasts (many of which are so far from reality as to be a joke), and different rating schemes all cloud the issue. A Realtor definitely has the latest information, and if you choose someone who has great knowledge (choose your Realtor wisely), you will benefit greatly from the comfort and accuracy he/she provides.
  3. You are looking into a neighborhood with which you are not totally familiar. A professional who understands the neighborhoods you are looking into can give you information about market developments that you will never be able to find yourself. His or her knowledge of the intangibles and potential future developments also are extremely important.
  4. Negotiating Ability. I must admit that this is an intangible at which there is huge disparity in ability from one Realtor to the next. However, I am assuming you have done your homework on Realtor selection, and will choose somebody who is better than you would be when going up against another real estate agent. Perhaps MUCH better.
  5. Do you really have time for all this? Hiring a professional to help in your search and your analysis is so worth it. Really.

Let’s eliminate much of the uncertainty in your next home search.

Allow me to do what I am well trained to do: help you !



Ray Wedell, CFA

Samson Properties


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