The Paramount

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The Paramount – The Paramount is a 100 unit building known for its quality construction, open and spacious units, high ceilings, and excellent location. Although you do not get the same feel when walking out the front door that you are immediately immersed in the Reston Town Center (as you do at Mid Town), The Paramount is actually closer to the heart of town, just a one block walk to the Reston Town Center fountain.

The penthouse units in The Paramount are generally larger than those in Mid Town, with higher ceilings. The Paramount is a 15-story high rise; floors 2 through 12 have 8 units, and floors 13 through 15 have only 5. They designate these 15 higher-level homes as “penthouses”; however, I personally consider only the 3 homes wrapping around the outside of the building as true penthouses. I say this because of their unmatched floor space, dramatic open floor plans, and panoramic multidimensional views. Two of the nine penthouse homes have incredible outdoor terraces, and are worthy of consideration as the best of class.

I am intimately familiar with the Paramount and have developed extensive price history which is unmatched from standard sources. To understand The Paramount in more minute detail, please contact me. I look forward to discussing this in as much detail as you require.

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