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The Stratford House was the first high rise condominium to be built in the Reston Town Center. It is located across the street from the Reston Town Center entrance at the eastern end of Market Street.

The Stratford House has a stable homeowner base, outstanding location, and variety of models ranging in price from the low $400,000s to over $1,000,000 for a penthouse home.

The Stratford House has the most stable financial base of any condominium association in the Reston Town Center, which is an important long-term factor. Reserves are deep to make any projected maintenance/expenses, and the stability of condo fees from year-to-year is admirable.

The Stratford House community is stable and proud. Rentals are currently limited to 20 percent of the units, meaning most residents are home owners with a sound stake in keeping the building clean, strong, and well-maintained.

The Stratford House is also featured in the section on penthouse living: D.C. Castles in the Sky. I have developed a detailed price history, dating back four years, for this building which goes into much greater detail than what you can derive from other sources. If you are thinking of listing your Stratford House home, or simply want an accurate and independent read on your home’s value, I strongly recommend that you Call or email me.

In addition to the high rise tower, Stratford House has a community of low-rise (4 levels) condominiums known as Stratford Park Place. Unlike other low rise condominiums in the Reston Town Center, these homes do have elevators, and the community itself is more modern with greater amenties. This is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable alternative to the Stratford House Tower.

January, 2013 RENTAL RESTRICTIONS AT STRATFORD PARK – Stratford Park has a rental limit of 20% of units allowed to be rented. They have exceeded this limit, and currently allow only owner-occupied buyers. We will closely monitor the impact this will have on sales and the community.

If you are a potential buyer in the Reston Town Center area, I can provide you detailed life style comparisons among the different communities and buildings. The Stratford House should be among the places which you review. PleaseCall or email me to arrange such a tour.

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